Boris Lin

Software Engineer, Machine Learning Engineer, Data Scientist

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About Me

I am a 4th year Computer Science (Co-op) undergraduate student at University of Waterloo. I grew up in China and completed my high school education in Singapore on a scholarship. With a huge passion in technology, I have 11 years of experience in competitive programming, 3 years in full-stack web development and 1 year in machine learning. Besides that, I am also very interested in autonomous driving technology. Apart from tech, I enjoy listening to hip-pop music, playing the piano, taking great photos, and of course, reading Hacker News.



Software Engineer Intern, Ads Measurement Inputs Team

  • Integrated Offline Conversion into the Facebook Ads Advanced Measurement (AMT) tool
  • Developed metrics integrity and health validation pipeline forApps, Offline Conversions and Custom Conversions in AMT


Software Engineer Intern, Search Quality Team

  • Built distributed data pipelines to generate training data and created the Visual Relevance search ranking model in TensorFlow
  • Designed and implemented a user search log visualizer called Hubble from scratch using React/Redux and built back-end data pipelines using Scalding
  • Worked on human evaluation pipeline for search experiments and added a web tool to launch human evaluation jobs

University of Waterloo

Undergraduate Research Assistant, Computer Science

  • Worked on Political Science Text Classification for the Warcbase project with Prof. Jimmy Lin, Ziquan (Zack) Wang and Yue Li (Shirley) Du using various Machine Learning and Big Data techniques


Software Engineer Intern, Platform Team

  • Full-stack web development focusing on improving and adding new features to Wish's Merchant Dashboard using Tornado, MongoDB, Backbone, RequireJS and jQuery
  • Major features added include Merchant Support and Report Product impacting millions of products and merchants
  • Built tools to detect fraudulent merchants and customers by analyzing purchase and refund history using Hive and Python

University of Waterloo

Undergraduate Research Assistant, Computer Science

  • Worked with Prof. Frank Tompa and Chi (Ace) Zhang to enhance both front-end and back-end functionalities of the web application ODAS (Optometry Data Analysis System) using Django, jQuery, Highcharts.js, Bootstrap and MySQL

Samsung Research America

Software Engineer Intern, Advanced Processor Lab Team

  • Developed an enterprise web application called Electric Commander (EC) Monitor to enhance EC with analytical and statistical features using Symfony, Python, Perl, MySQL, jQuery and React.js
  • Created EC as well as employee performance charts for the management team by analyzing and visualizing EC’s database using D3 and Highcharts.js
  • Implemented Live Job Build Tracker, a real time EC job performance monitoring web application, which is used by the entire infrastructure team with more than 100 employees every day


Lightweight course enrolment notification tool for University of Waterloo students

University of Waterloo

Undergraduate Research Assistant, Computer Science

  • Created a web application called ODAS in collaboration with Prof. Frank Tompa and Ziquan (Zack) Wang that helped manage and visualize optometric records and increase efficiency in generating optometric reports by 10 times

Vena Solutions

Software Development Intern, DevOps Team

  • Set up Percona XtraDB Cluster on EC2 using Ansible and MySQL to improve database performance and reliability by 5%
  • Developed software tools in Ansible and Java to effectively catch memory errors in back-end in both single-thread and multi-thread context
  • Improved RESTful API test coverage for back-end by 10% via Postman using JavaScript


Open source Twitter-style social networking web app built on Ruby on Rails / HTML5 / CSS3 / PostgreSQL

Genesys Laboratories Canada Inc.

Quality Assurance Intern, Media Control Platform Team

  • Carried out both automated and manual load and scale tests on media control platform using Bash, Perl and CGI
  • Implemented automatic reporting system in C++ that provides platform and test performance analysis to team leads


Designed and deployed a desktop Tetris-like game called “Quadris” in both plain text and GUI in C++, OOP and X11

University of Waterloo

Bachelor of Computer Science, Honours, Co-op Program

September 2013 - April 2018

President's Scholarship

Faculty of Mathematics Scholarship

Meridian Junior Colleage

Singapore-Cambridge G.C.E. Advanced Level

2009 - 2012 Ministry of Education Chinese JM3 Scholarship

2012 Bronze Award in The 15th National Olympiad in Informatics

Maris Stella High School

Singapore-Cambridge G.C.E. Ordinary Level

2010 Silver Award in The 13th National Olympiad in Informatics

2009 Bronze Award in The 12th National Olympiad in Informatics

Yali High School

Chinese High School Education

2007 Silver Award in National Olympiad in Informatics in Provinces (Senior Section)

2006 Gold Award in National Olympiad in Informatics in Provinces (Junior Section) (9th Place in Hunan Province)

2005 Bronze Award in National Olympiad in Informatics in Provinces (Junior Section)

2005 Gold Award in Changsha Olympiad in Informatics