Boris Lin

a full-stack software engineer from University of Waterloo

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About Me

I am a 4th year Computer Science (Co-op) undergraduate student at University of Waterloo. I grew up in China and completed my high school education in Singapore on a scholarship. With a huge passion in technology, I have gained 11 years of experience in competitive programming and 3 years in full-stack web development. Besides that, I am also very interested in Machine Learning and Autonomous Driving. Apart from tech, I enjoy listening to hip-pop music, playing the piano, taking great photos, and of course, reading Hacker News.



Worked on Political Science Text Classification for the Warcbase project with Prof. Jimmy Lin and Ziquan (Zack) Wang

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Lightweight course enrolment notification tool for University of Waterloo students

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Optometry Data Analysis System

Undergraduate research project built to help better store, manage and visualize optometric records and generate optometric reports

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Open source Twitter-style social networking web app built on Ruby on Rails / HTML5 / CSS3 / PostgreSQL

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